[ti:What Do You Bring to a ‘BYOB’ Party?] [by:www.51星和彩票.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:07.96]And now, Words and Their Stories from VOA Learning English! [00:16.64]Americans often try to say things as quickly as possible. [00:22.76]So, for some expressions, we use the first letters of the words instead of saying each word. [00:31.28]Many common expressions or long names are shortened this way. [00:36.64]B-Y-O-B is a short way of saying, "Bring Your Own Bottle." [00:44.32]For example, The letters BYOB are often found at the bottom of a written invitation [00:51.00]to a simple social event or gathering of friends. [00:56.56]For example, let's say I had a New Year's Eve party. [01:01.08]I might include on the invitation, "Please come to my party and BYOB." [01:08.48]The bottle each person brings is what the person wants to drink at the party or wants to share. [01:17.56]However, an invitation to a special event – such as a wedding --would never say BYOB. [01:26.80]An invitation to an official or very special event often has other letters written at the bottom. [01:34.72]The letters are R-S-V-P. [01:39.04]These letters represent the French expression, "Repondez S'il Vous Plait." [01:45.28]In English the words mean, "Respond If It Pleases You." [01:50.44]Americans use the letters as a short way to say, "Please answer this invitation." [01:57.24]Another expression usually used for business and not parties is A-S-A-P. [02:05.68]So, a colleague might say she needs something done 星和彩票AP. [02:10.64]It means as soon as possible. [02:14.92]She might also need something done by C-O-B. [02:19.32]That means she wants to finish it by "Close Of Business" or the end of the work day. [02:27.24]Beginning letters are often used to represent the names of universities. [02:33.40]A famous one is MIT. [02:36.24]That is short for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [02:42.48]Another major university is UCLA. [02:46.60]Almost no one ever says its real name, the University of California at Los Angeles. [02:53.56]That takes way too long! [02:56.96]Many American government agencies are also known by their beginning letters. [03:03.08]For example, the F-B-I is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. [03:08.84]The FBI investigates criminal activity in the United States. [03:15.20]Then there is the I-R-S, the Internal Revenue Service. [03:20.96]It is not a very popular agency because it collects federal taxes. [03:28.72]And that's all for Voice of America's Words and Their Stories. [03:33.12]Or maybe I should just say VOA's WATS. [03:38.36]Until next time, I'm Anna Matteo. [03:41.08]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM