[ti:US, Iran Appear to Avoid Military Conflict] [by:www.51星和彩票.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.04]American President Donald Trump says the United States did not have to [00:06.28]necessarily answer Iran's attack on American bases in Iraq. [00:14.60]Speaking at the White House Wednesday, Trump said, [00:19.00]"No Americans were harmed in last night's attack by the Iranian regime... [00:24.88]All of our soldiers are safe and only minimal damage was sustained at our military bases." [00:33.28]The president added, "Our great American forces are prepared for anything. [00:39.32]Iran appears to be standing down." [00:43.16]Trump also said that the U.S. will place more economic sanctions on Iran. [00:50.24]Trump's comment came after Iran fired 15 missiles [00:55.32]at two airbases that house U.S. soldiers in Iraq. [01:01.68]U.S. military officials said al-Asad and Erbil were targeted early on Wednesday. [01:08.92]The missile attacks were in answer to the U.S. killing of [01:13.60]Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani last week in Iraq. [01:20.92]Iranian government media said the attacks killed 80 "American terrorists" [01:26.68]and damaged U.S. helicopters and military equipment. [01:31.60]Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called the attacks a "slap on the face" [01:40.40]of the U.S. and said American troops should leave the area. [01:46.32]Iran's foreign minister said the country's attacks were in self-defense [01:52.04]and that Iran did not seek to increase hostilities. [01:58.04]The Associated Press reported that Iran appeared to have warned about the strikes. [02:04.88]Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said Iran told him that the missile attacks [02:12.00]"would start soon" and would target only on U.S. positions. [02:18.08]The militaries of Finland and Lithuania also said they received information about a coming attack [02:26.60]and had time to move to shelters or leave the base. [02:31.04]Henry Rome is an Iran expert with Eurasia Group. [02:35.72]He told the AP the attacks appeared designed to avoid human injury and any increase in hostilities. [02:46.28]"For a president who wants to avoid a war in the Middle East during an election year, [02:52.64]the Iranians have provided an off-ramp he will likely take," Rome said. [02:59.28]Trump, who is facing reelection in November, has repeatedly said [03:05.80]he wants to keep the U.S. from involving itself in "endless war." [03:12.92]Tensions between the U.S. and Iran have increased since Trump's 2018 decision [03:20.40]to withdraw the U.S. from Iran's nuclear deal with world powers. [03:27.36]Last year, Iran shot down a U.S. military drone, seized several oil tankers [03:35.16]and interfered with international ship traffic in the Strait of Hormuz. [03:41.76]The U.S. also blamed Iran for a September missile attack on a large Saudi Arabian oil processing center. [03:52.84]Recently, a large group of protesters attacked the outer edge of the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. [04:00.08]The embassy attack followed U.S. airstrikes that killed 25 Kataeb Hezbollah fighters, [04:08.36]an Iranian-supported militia which operates in Iraq and Syria. [04:14.36]The U.S. said it acted to answer the killing of an American defense contractor in Iraq. [04:22.80]Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke to the Iranian cabinet after the strikes on American bases. [04:31.52]He said, "if America commits a crime, no matter how much she threatens us, [04:37.56]she must know that we will act decisively as we have already shown." [04:43.08]I'm Ashley Thompson. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM