[ti:Toyota to Build ‘City of the Future’ to Test New Technologies] [by:www.51星和彩票.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Japanese automaker Toyota has announced plans to create [00:05.48]a model "city of the future" to test and develop new technologies. [00:14.00]The project will involve "building a complete city from the ground up" [00:19.68]at the foot of Japan's Mount Fuji, Toyota said in a statement. [00:27.40]The company announced the plans during the yearly CES technology show in Las Vegas, Nevada. [00:37.16]Toyota calls the project "Woven City." [00:41.28]It is meant to be a model for creating "smart cities" around the world. [00:48.32]A smart city is an area developed with high-speed internet connectivity [00:54.44]to link major information and communication systems. [01:00.52]These systems – powered by data and sensors - can improve living conditions [01:07.24]relating to things like energy, transportation and health. [01:14.16]Experts say smart cities can be designed to greatly cut human-caused pollution, [01:21.20]reduce traffic problems and create new uses for internet technology to affect everyday life. [01:31.56]The Woven City will aim to be a "living laboratory" for technologies [01:37.60]including self-driving systems, robotics, smart homes and artificial intelligence, or AI. [01:48.76]Toyota says the city will be built on land where an automobile factory currently operates. [01:56.28]The factory is set to close by the end of 2020. [02:02.52]The city will cover about 70 hectares of land and is designed to hold around 2,000 people. [02:12.08]Residents could include Toyota employees and visiting researchers. [02:18.88]The city will have its own police officers, fire and emergency services and schools. [02:27.80]The company says the city's main electrical power will come from hydrogen fuel technology. [02:36.00]The city is planned to be fully sustainable, with buildings made mostly of wood. [02:43.60]Buildings will be made with solar equipment to produce additional electricity. [02:50.92]Akio Toyoda is the president of Toyota Motor Corporation. [02:57.48]He said in a statement that the city will aim to connect people, buildings and vehicles. [03:05.80]This will permit researchers to carry out important testing of "connected AI technology," he said. [03:16.00]Toyoda added that the company welcomes cooperation on the project [03:21.56]with partners from business or education. [03:26.76]City planners will divide the streets for different purposes. [03:31.52]One part will be used for faster vehicle traffic. [03:35.96]Another will be designed for people riding bicycles or scooters. [03:41.84]A third part will be for walking. [03:46.48]The company says "homes will be built with the latest human support technologies." [03:53.84]This includes robots to assist with daily living. [03:58.96]Homes will also be equipped with sensors and systems [04:03.36]designed to observe and improve peoples' physical and mental health. [04:11.72]I'm Bryan Lynn. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM