[ti:Japan Approves Arrest Warrant for Carlos Ghosn’s Wife] [by:www.51星和彩票.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Japanese government lawyers are seeking to arrest the wife of former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn. [00:11.72]They believe that Carole Ghosn lied when she was questioned in a Tokyo court about her husband's case. [00:21.76]Japanese prosecutors have accused Carlos Ghosn of financial misconduct. [00:28.64]He was in Japan awaiting trial last week when he fled to Lebanon, where he lived as a child. [00:39.12]Carole Ghosn is not in Japan. Prosecutors said in a statement [00:45.00]that she gave false testimony to the court last year. [00:50.08]She was asked about the transfer of money from one company to another [00:56.56]that reportedly caused financial losses for Nissan. [01:01.68]She also denied knowing or meeting several people, and the denials were false, prosecutors said. [01:12.88]Carole Ghosn was not available for comment. [01:16.40]But earlier, she told The Associated Press after her questioning in court [01:22.92]that she considered the questions unsubstantial. [01:28.24]She was barred from meeting with her husband after his release on bail [01:34.00]because of fears she might tamper with evidence. [01:39.40]Lebanon and Japan do not have an extradition treaty. [01:44.28]Japanese officials say it is unclear whether the Ghosns can be forced to go to Japan to face charges. [01:53.16]The officials also said they were still looking into what could be done. [02:00.52]In Beirut, Lebanon's justice minister confirmed that the government [02:05.96]had received a request from Interpol to arrest Carlos Ghosn. [02:12.16]He said Lebanon would take "the necessary steps." [02:17.64]The Lebanese president's office announced Tuesday that President Michel Aoun [02:24.16]met with Japanese ambassador Takeshi Okubo. [02:29.60]It was the first known meeting between the president and a Japanese diplomat [02:36.20]since Ghosn arrived in the country on December 30. [02:41.76]Aoun's office said Okubo called for cooperation from Lebanese officials [02:48.40]in order to avoid diplomatic problems between the two countries. [02:55.16]Japan's chief government spokesman said Japanese officials have told Lebanon [03:01.56]that Ghosn left the country illegally, and they are trying to understand what happened. [03:09.44]Lebanese Justice Minister Albert Serhan says Ghosn entered Lebanon legally, [03:17.28]and added that his "stay on Lebanese territories" is legal. [03:22.92]He also said Lebanon had not yet received any requests from Japan about the arrest of Carole Ghosn. [03:32.40]The state-operated National News Agency reported his comments. [03:38.80]Earlier Tuesday, Ghosn's former employer, Nissan Motor Company, [03:44.20]said it was still seeking legal action against him. [03:48.28]Nissan and Japanese prosecutors accuse Ghosn of misstating his future compensation [03:56.04]and taking company money for personal use. [03:59.40]Ghosn says he is innocent. [04:03.16]In a statement, the company said it would "hold Ghosn (responsible)... [04:08.24]for the harm his misconduct has caused to Nissan." [04:12.68]It did not give details. [04:16.08]Ghosn claims he is the victim of a campaign by Japan's government and Nissan officials [04:23.40]to destroy the possibility of a merger between Nissan and the French company Renault. [04:31.72]Ghosn was able to leave the country while he was under surveillance at a home in Tokyo. [04:39.16]Japanese reports Tuesday gave new details of that escape. [04:44.20]They say he left his home alone, met two men at a Tokyo hotel, and then took a train to the city of Osaka. [04:54.84]In Osaka, he hid in a large box that was put on a private plane. [05:02.32]Ghosn said in a statement last week that he wanted to escape "injustice." [05:08.40]Critics of the Japanese legal system say his case shows that the system moves too slowly [05:16.20]and keeps people in detention too long. [05:21.36]Japanese officials have defended the nation's legal system. [05:25.84]They say Ghosn's escape was an "unjustifiable" crime. [05:31.80]I'm Susan Shand. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM